Welcome Letter

From the Director

It is amazing to think about how our first small, adventurous, and dedicated CP Mentors team in 2013 has grown into what we are today. That first fall we quickly transitioned from merely thinking about the concept of a high school to college mentoring program, to spending countless hours anguishing over essays and applications with the senior class at Cristo Rey Boston High School. With each passing year it seems to us that there seems to be even more enthusiasm and excitement over college opportunities, and it is heartwarming, as well as inspiring to witness.

We are also proud of what we at CP Mentors have learned so far. We continue to develop, adapt, and improve the mentoring program to ensure that we remain an important and valued partner to the schools we work with. (Obviously in 2020 it took adapting to a whole new level as we began working entirely via Zoom, hopefully temporarily!) We are thrilled with the continued interest in our program, and we always enjoy getting to know the juniors and seniors, and a few ambitious sophomores, and welcoming new volunteer mentors each year.

Our mentors represent all ages, from recent college graduates to the most seasoned professionals and retirees. They come with diverse backgrounds and unique career paths, but they all share the same desire to offer whatever support and guidance they can. We are grateful that our mentors are willing to share their wisdom, enthusiasm, and life experience with the next generation, and we know that they in turn will learn from these incredible students.

We are excited about the future and look forward to sharing more of the CP Mentors story with you.

The CP Mentors Team