The timeline below is an estimation of what we envision your commitment will be as a mentor. Of course this will vary depending on the individual needs of your student.

Junior Year

The juniors will be completing their applications to be a part of the CP Mentors program on a rolling basis.  Once they are accepted into the program they will be assigned a mentor, based on common interests or career aspirations. Mentors will then be provided with a profile of their student, and instructions on how to contact them.

The goal is for the two of you to get to know each other during junior year before any college work begins. We would also encourage you to email your mentee on a regular basis during the summer to see how everything is going.

Time Commitment: This will not be a demanding time commitment, and a good deal of the conversations can be done virtually.

First Semester Senior Year

We hope that you will have kept in touch with your mentee during the summer so that you feel comfortable helping with some of the college work that will take place during the fall. Your student may reach out for help with suggestions for essay topics or to talk about their college list. Your student may also ask for your help with editing their essay. This is totally optional and, if this is not an area of interest for you, there is additional editing help available.

For those mentors who have the time and are interested, there will also be several opportunities to attend events at the school during the fall of senior year. It is always fun to see the students in action as a group, and to get a sense of the community at Cristo Rey Boston.

Time Commitment: Your time commitment will vary depending on your interest in visiting the school and how involved you choose to be in your mentee’s application process. We hope that you have a chance to check in with your student fairly regularly to see how their applications and essays are coming along.

Second Semester Senior Year

During second semester, the seniors will be sending in the last of their applications and hopefully receiving some acceptance letters! They might be looking for help putting together a resume, talking through interview situations, suggestions for supplemental essay topics, or talking about their college acceptances. Your student may also be making college visits and want to discuss those with you. In some instances they may ask if you are interested in accompanying them to visit a local campus. If that is the case, please let us know and we will help you team up with another mentor or someone from our office to go with you.

At some point during the semester your mentee will be making a final decision on where they will be going to college and will have lots of questions about what comes next. You will be invited to the Signing Day celebration at Cristo Rey in early May, as well as graduation in June. This is a wonderful time for the kids, and your student will be excited to share the festivities and introduce you to their family if you are available to attend. If you are a long-distance mentor, we will help figure out other ways for you to celebrate with your student.

Time Commitment: Once again, your time commitment will vary depending on how complicated the college process is for your student. For some of the students this will all happen very easily, for other seniors the final decision will be much more involved.

Summer After Senior Year and Freshman Year of College

During this period you may be asked many questions regarding course selection, dorm life, and how your mentee should prepare to make the transition to college. The beginning of freshman year is perhaps the most stressful period for students. If there are going to be difficulties this is often when they happen, so we would encourage you to check in regularly. If you get the sense that there are particular problems with your student, we would appreciate knowing so that we can help figure out solutions.

Time Commitment: We would like you to email or speak with your student every couple of weeks just to be sure everything is going smoothly. This shouldn’t take much time, but if something is unraveling it will be good to know. Students may be reluctant to speak about a problem unless someone asks them directly how things are going, so checking in is important.

Looking Forward

Our hope is that your student will keep in touch for years to come, and that they will feel comfortable coming to you with questions about their major, internships and other decisions as they work their way through college. If we have done our job well, the students will be on their way to receiving a college degree and becoming independent and successful adults.